Thursday, 27 November 2014

Food Review: Burger Babi Bakar, Strictly Non-Halal.

 Last two weeks, if I'm not mistaken, Naven brought me over to try this Burger Babi Bakar and both of us only heard of it but doesn't even have the guts to try it so we went over and got lost for like an hour until finally I turn on Maps on my phone to look for it. Arrived at the destination, and the place is quite small, just a burger stall in a housing area with lots of customer cars waiting for their order.

Since it was the first pig burger I ever had in my whole pathetic life, it was indeed a mouthgasm at it's finest. The patty is so juicy with  whole lot of mayo and cheese.You can request for additional patty, eggs and etc or perhaps request for pork belly which are the bomb dot com. The price is quite cheap compared to McDonald's burger and it worth the drive to go over the stall. I'm craving for it again, but do bear in mind, you'll have to wait patiently for your burger, for about an hour or half. Go over and check their page on Facebook for more details people!

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When I'm gone.

projects are up now and it is my priority to finish all of them, so people, i'll be away for quite some time due to projects and final. i'll find some time to update this page of mine. till then.

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Waking up at the wrong side of the bed.

Had you ever felt so down that sometime you wished you were dead someway or somehow?

Been scrolling my old blog, and to tell you the truth I felt like it was written by someone else with better grammar and huge vocabulary. I really miss studying English. It was indeed a walk down memory lane, reading what I've been through my high school life, pathetic. And I am still a pathetic person just with better taste in music and some awesome friends that will always stay by my side rain or shine.

Everything is kind of different now but I still have no purpose in life. I should really get some life goal or mission or something. Perhaps saving the dolphins or something. I'm currently at Starbucks, smelling the coffee beans and pastries that comes out fresh from the hot oven with this lovebirds seating next to the couch beside me, looking at everyone around here and wonder what kind of goals do they have in mind.

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

A peek into university life.

Motivation is important to keep you going and living from day to day. So I've pasted a few motivations from internet on this super gothic room of mine. Hello again people, so today, I'll just going to ramble and maybe give you an idea what degree life has been for me after 2 months and  counting. 

So basically, I'm a computer science student, so computer, internet and me get along well, for now. Majoring in multimedia computing which is about programming but more onto graphic and making apps for google play and computer games. Coding is annoying as fuck but a programmer must always keep their poise and keep calm as fuck. Pardon vulgarities. 

A lot of people does not have any clue what computer science course actually offers, like bitch, we run the world this day. What would you do if the world wide web server broke down? Call a doctor for CPR? 

Anyway and anyhow, let me give you a lil bit of idea how university life is as for now. Right now, I'm way done with my mid semester examination and now, assignments and projects are piling up. SO THAT IS SO NOT COOL. I mean I was hoping to have like a break for a while but no.  Right now, I just dont have the mood for anything, well maybe some cigarettes.  

My room was a mess but I said to myself, look on the bright side Bryan, it has some gothic vibe to it so I'm loving it now. Har har, it suits my bipolar personality. Ok bye, I have nothing going on my mind right now except for sleep since class is being canceled and I have nothing on every Friday!