Monday, 28 December 2015

Changing phase.

2015 is almost over and it is that time of the year for me to have a recap of things that happened this year.  2015 has been a really tough year for my family and I. My grandmother’s passing was very unexpected although she has been diagnosed with a 4th stage cancer last year but we are not prepared or even has the slightest thought of losing her forever. Memories stayed but the fact that she is no longer around is really dreadful. I have countless of night crying myself to sleep whenever I miss her. I’ve spend almost 20 years of my life living with her, and now that she’s gone I just couldn’t think straight sometime. I do face some depression a few times but I keep it to myself. Because I am not the type of person that easily share my deepest and darkest thoughts.

There are things that I glad I did, and there are some that I regret doing. But life itself is a learning process. Without losing, winning actually means nothing. I’ve gotten myself a tattoo, finally joined the Sarawak Bloggers Society, my laptop broke and I got a new one, semester 2 was fucked up which I am hoping semester 3 wont suck that much (final exam is less than a week), my music preference changes over time, Britney Spears still is and always be my idol and I have a new baby brother (Kenneth Melvin).

Basically a lot of thing had happened. I don’t know if I am still the same person I was a year ago or maybe I changed a lot. I don’t feel anything changes around me, except I’ve moved into a new house and the neighbourhood is so peaceful.  

As for love life, oh God, that area is not my expertise. A lot of my friends are getting together with each other and all I can do is just be happy for them. I have a bad record when it comes to this. Maybe I was destined to be forever alone till I die. Maybe my funeral won’t have a wake since only a few people would come to it. I admit that I am a very bad person or even a friend. I have bipolar issue with myself.

I just hope that 2016 will be the year where everything is working well enough for me, my family and everyone around me.

Till then,

Bryan Marshall. 

Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Konsert Era Sayang Sarawak

On the 12th of December 2015, right after Nando’s opening, I quickly hopped over to Merdeka Palace for Konsert Era Sayang Sarawak Press Conference. The press conference started a bit late, lucky for some of us since we basically had to rush over from Vivacity Megamall that day.

During the press conference, the artists performing that night introduced themselves and tell us a bit about songs that they were going to perform that night. I was quite intrigued when Nana Sheme told us that she was going to sing Hantu atau Buaya in Iban. Maybe because I was too Iban myself? Moving on, that night, 12 artists were going to perform. They are Lawa Nie Geng, Stacy, Black, Afgan, Altimet, Mal Imran, Nana Sheme, Deasy Natalina, Ir Radzi, Akim & The Majistret, Nadhar and Wani Kayrie.

The concert started at 8pm. The weather was good. The concert started with JoHaRa and also Era FM Sarawak radio announcers welcoming people to the concert.

First up was Lawa Nie Geng. They were energetic and definitely pumps up the party along with Deasy Natalina (all the way from Indonesia). The two sang 'Pasar Malam" before Deasy Natalina came on to the stage and they perform 'Aduh Aduh Sayang' and also 'Masalahku, Masalahmu'

Next was Nadhar. He is one of the up and rising Sarawakian in this music industry with his song 'Parah'

Third on the line was Ir Radzi. Also a local Sarawakian sang 'Sempurna Waktu' and 'Maafkan Aku'.

I was so mind blown by Wani Kayrie. A 15 year old girl with the voice so high that she could sing Ariana Grande’s part from Bang Bang with no problem at all! She is truly the girl we need to keep an eye on. I wonder what can this petite girl do in the future. She is well known with her single 'Jangan-Jangan'

Mal Imran was probably one of the eye candy for the audience since most of them are girl, waiting for some prince charming to serenade to them and Mal Imran killed it as well.His single  'Cinta Sukar Ditafsirkan' and 'Lepaskan Aku' did steal some spotlight in this concert. He also did a duet with Nadhar on their very own version of Sam Smith's Lay Me Down.

Altimet, the king of rap in Malaysia definitely bringing the hip to the hip hop. I could feel the vibes (insert hands up emoji) and almost sway to them songs! 'Syukur', 'Aku Tahu' and 'Jika Aku Kaya' did gave the audience some feel to it. You could never express how soulful his rap can get.

Nana Sheme was up and she knows how to rock up the concert as the crowd singing along to her famous ‘Hantu atau Buaya’ single. And also it was her first concert debut for the single ‘Boleh Blah’

Black with his high itch never fail to amaze everyone. Including yours truly.

Stacy was super pumped. I mean how can someone sing so flawless while dancing?! She did a number on 'Bosan', 'Not for Sale' and 'Gilalah'

Akim & The Majistret rocked the concert like literally. 'Mewangi', 'Obses', 'Sisaku' and also their famous 'Potret" was being performed that night.

Finally, the last and long awaited and anticipated performer of the night, Afgan. Everyone went crazy. Who could resist this good looking Indonesia with a voice of an angel? Everyone sang along to all of his song that night.

Overall, the concert was a great way for Era FM to connect and give back to its loyal listener. I had fun and I am pretty sure the people that came had fun as well. The feedback from Sarawakian is really good since there were 15,000 people attended the biggest concert yet in Sarawak.

Picture Credits: ERA FM Sarawak.

p.s: This is my first ever concert review so any deficiency on details, please forgive me.

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Food Review; Nando's Kuching

Sighting of giant egg around Kuching has been reported ever since 4th of December 2015. With the #KuchingHatching and a matching font Nando’s been using for year, it is safe to say that Nando’s is finally coming to Kuching.

12th December 2015, the giant egg finally hatched after a round of chicken dance and an egg cracking by Daniel, the Chief Operating Officer of Nando’s. I was lucky enough to be invited by MilkPR and Nando’s for their special grand opening in Vivacity Megamall. As we all know, Nando’s used to be the restaurant that most Sarawakian would fly over to Peninsular or even KK to satisfy their PERi-PERi craving. Nando’s is for sure very welcome here in Sarawak.

Now, let’s get back to the opening shall we? The decoration and interior of Nando’s is very warm and cozy. Definitely suitable for all occasion, be it hanging out with friends or having family over for a meal. I was really in love with the walls. The details is pretty amazing.

First up is the appetizer. The PERi- PERi drizzle definitely compliments the hummus and the pita bread as well. It was my first time having hummus wrap with pita and I enjoy it. It was also my first time having real olives and it wasnt that bad after all. Might come back for more olives. Hew hew.

One word to describe the main dish: Mouthful. I couldnt believe my eyes seeing all of those chickens in one plate along with the side dishes. The PERi chips, PERi wedges, coleslaw, grilled veg, corn-on-the go and as well as mediterranean rice. Everything was cooked to perfection. Thumbs up to the chefs! I was in love with the hot PERi - PERi chicken. It has some kick in it to kick start a good meal.

I was so full and then the dessert comes out. I was definitely happy knowing that Chocolate Crunch Roll was being served.

I had fun during the opening, MilkPR definitely knows how to throw a good opening party indeed. And guess what, I won a prize for answering one of the quiz! Currently I am obssesed with my goodie bag! And thank you once again MilkPR and Nando’s for the invitation!

Dont forget to head over to Nando’s for your PERi-PERi fix at Vivacity Megamall.