Thursday, 4 August 2016

Making Bento with Ayam Brand

Ayam Brand is known for their canned products was here in Kuching on Monday (1st August 2016) and they are here on a mission! It has been 9th consecutive years Ayam Brand organized a charity campaign has benefit more than 16,100 people from 362 charity organizations.

And this time around in Kuching, Ayam Brand pitch in to help 50 charity homes across Malaysia and also Brunei with their wide range of healthy and convenient, preservative - free canned products that are adequate enough for the needs of daily needs of residents for two month. 

The Community Care 2016 held a fun hands - on  activities for the participating charity homes here in Kuching at The Coffee Factory. Participating charity homes are: Pertubuhan Kebajikan Anak-anak Yatim Sarawak, Sarawak Children’s Cancer Society, The Green Ribbon Association, Rumah Amal Nur Murni and Salvation Army Girl’s Home. 

Children participating in this year’s campaign were introduced to Bento, a single-portion home-packed meal common in Japanese cuisine that traditionally holds rice, fish, meat with pickled or cooked vegetables with fruit or other sweet item. It is usually beautifully packed in a box-shaped container and is well balanced nutritionally. Japanese people spend time and energy on a carefully prepared bento box for their spouse, child, or themselves.

Chef Loke sowing us and guiding during the bento making process.

The children learnt how to prepare four Ayam Brand™ dishes in a fun and interactive session that was specially developed to suit people of different ages and abilities; namely Mixed Fruit Salad, Baked Bean, Heart Shaped Sardine Sandwich and Tuna Onigiri under the guidance of celebrity Chef Loke from T-Garden Cooking School. 

I had the opportunity to do the bento myself and it was indeed a fun experience. It felt like I was in an art class and the chef helped me to create my very own masterpiece expect mine was tasty and edible. The kids had their share of fun as well. Everyone was smiling and us the media was having a blast. Off the record, it is such a fun way to help the community especially the participating charity homes residents. Seeing the children smile and play around is a golden moment.