Tuesday, 25 October 2016

VSCO Limited Edition Collection pack: Is it worth it?

Limited Edition Collection from VSCO has 38 presets and I am yet to explore all of it. But as for now, my current favourite is S3.



So what I did was add in the preset and also crop a part of the photo and tada, the photo looks alive. Like huurah. I have a lot of presets to explore but currently I am quite satisfied with the purchase.

Thursday, 20 October 2016

The Spring Nando's Opening and Media Gathering

The Spring Kuching finally has its own Nando's. This is the second Nando's restaurant in Kuching and the first one was in Vivacity Megamall and I was lucky enough to get invited once again to their newest restaurant. It was a media gathering session, a pretty laid back kind of gathering where we were introduced with both the new restaurant and new menu as well.

The newest addition to the family! 

1. Sweet potato chips - I absolutely adore this one. Sweet potato as fries- genius. Especially if you have a sweet tooth just like me. And I couldnt get enough of this. Highly recommended and be prepare to order more because we did. 
 2. Red skin mashed potato - This particular mashed potato was really good. I would come back for more of this mashed potatoes. 
3. Spinach - On the other hand, I dont really like this new side. It taste rather bland and boring for me. Nevertheless, if you're trying to stay healthy or you opt for healthier option this is the perfect option. 

How brave are you for your chicken? Time to take it to the next level. I usually do mild with hot sauce but this time around, I choose hot instead. And I insist all of you to step up your game. The caramel cheese cake is not something new and I had it quite some time already at Nando's. If you're a sweet tooth person just like me, this is the dessert you should beg your friends or parents to get you some.

I had a blast at the gathering and really looking forward for more in the future. Till then.

p.s: I have exam this weekend yet I choose to procrastinate my revision to blog this instead.