Thursday, 21 January 2016

A Trip to Kuala Lumpur: Tune Talk MET10 Awards

The name ‘Hitz fm’ is pretty well known among Malaysians, it is believed that Hitz fm is the number 1 English Radio Station in Malaysia. And personally, Hitz fm radio is always being tuned into in my car. There was not a dull moment whenever I drive around the city or even driving to class everyday. I heard a lot about the MET10 Awards and I am so psyched to be given a chance by Astro to fly over to Kuala Lumpur, all the way from Sarawak to personally attend the MET10 Awards.

Malaysian English Top 10 Awards a.k.a MET10 Awards is a form of celebration and honouring the Malaysian English artists whom topped the Malaysian English Top 10 chart every week. MET10 charts airs every Sunday from 3pm till 4pm. It was first being introduced on 2000 and followed by the first ever MET10 Awards in 2005. After 11 years, MET10 Awards is finally back.


Without a doubt, the Malaysian English music industry is slowly being accepted around the globe. I was so shocked knowing that ‘Half The Man’ was actually Resh new single after he did a rebranding of himself last year. It is so good that I would sing along to it whenever it is on air. That explains how obsessed I was with ‘Half The Man’ and I was definitely rooting for Resh on that night. And I did not miss the chance to take a photo with him. Mission accomplished. If you know me, I am a shy person with a resting bitch face. But in the end, I have to pluck up all of my courage to ask Resh for a photo.

Enough with the pleasantries. Our driver picked us up from the hotel at 5.00 p.m and reached KWC Fashion Mall around 5.30 ish. I must say that the location is not the crowd’s favourite since there was not a lot of people around. One can tell a good mall depending on its crowd. The event started around 8 which is quite late. We were walking all over the StarXpo and tbh, I was literally bored af since I have nothing to do at all. But then music was playing, red carpet event started and the popcorn alongside the tarik was served. The crowd was getting a bit wild, well not that kind of festival super wild. Everyone was socialising, so that is a good sign indeed.

The performers of the night were the Kartel Crew, Paperplane Pursuit, Resh, OJ Law, Roshan Jamrock, Jason Law, Oh Chentaku, Jin Hackman, OAG, De Fam and also Kyoto Protocol. The electrifying performances were truly energetic and crowd moving. I was head banging a bit since I don’t dance; I mean come on have you ever saw a fat man dancing? You DO NOT wanna see that. Although I did dance when I was in the club (IT WAS ALCOHOL INFLUENCED)

Here are the lists of the winners that night.
Best Male Artist: OJ Law
Best Female Artist: Elizabeth Law
Best Band/Group: Tres Empire
Best Song: #SUPERGIRLS (De Fam)
Best Live Performer: Kyoto Protocol
Best Music Video: Banana (Jin Hackman)
Breakthrough Act: De Fam
Tune Talk Hall of Fame: OAG

De Fam was definitely winning big that night. The trio won two awards that night. It was the highlight of the MET10 Awards. Undeniably, the song #Supergirls is catchy, don’t mind if I do but I usually sing along to the song as well. I mean I believe that I was one of the #Supergirls. This was not my first time seeing them live so I’ve expected a lot from them. The first time was during Vivacity Megamall Opening and I was at the Nando’s opening at the same time but since the stage was so close to Nando’s, I’ve decided to delay the desserts and went off to cheer for them. It is not often we see a well choreographed song with amazing and talented singer performing it effortlessly. Back to the MET10 Awards, the trio did a performance of #Supergirls and their newest single (which I forgot what the title is, I was so excited I guess).

I had fun, but I bet the entire crowd had their share of fun as well. I really hope that there will be more MET10 Awards to come in honouring the Malaysian English artist of their efforts and their talents. Also, to have more crowds attending the awards as the attendances was quite disappointing. Nevertheless, no one can organize a party like Hitz fm do! Looking forward for more. 

A Trip to Kuala Lumpur: Juara Parodi

I’m living in a rental house with no TV and Astro. In other word, I was living under the rock with no updates on TV show or whatsoever. Replaying all of Gossip Girl series on my laptop is my source of entertainment. Once in a while, a movie in cinema is vital for me to have my share of the latest movie updates. I honestly never heard of Juara Parodi but to be given a chance by Astro to attend one of its live performance was a good opportunity for me to catch up with a bit of Malay entertainment.

Friday the 15th, was the night were we headed over to Shah Alam Theatre to watch the performances by all of the participating artists. I had no clue or whatsoever about this show so I did not have much expectation but going into the theatre really hit me (a reality slap) that this show was a huge deal. The theme of the week was “Cinta” and the special word that has to be incorporated in the performances was “Ultraman”. It was quite funny seeing how they incorporate and fulfil the requirements needed to deliver their performance alongside the change of genre.

That night, it was the semi final week. 7 teams are still up to get into the final concert. I must say that the concept of this show is still new to me and I quite enjoy it. It was different. The 7 teams remaining was Mawi & the Loyar, Abang Face, Selamba Blur, Kobis Pedas, Righthanded, Black dot Chey and Slumber Blur. As for us, the media from Borneo, we were rooting for Mawi & the Loyar but to be disappointed in the end that they could not make it to the final.

I must say that the crowd was really wild. The supporters are definitely crazy (a good kind of crazy) about the show. What you see on screen was the polite kind of cheering version in the theatre. It was wild whenever commercial break or better yet before the show starts. They were basically doing a cheer war and I was terrified in case they kill each other or something. Just kidding.

Dato’ Zainal Abidin songs were being parody that night. It was indeed a golden moment to look at his face as the performers “destroyed” all of his songs. But in the end he came to rescue and revived his songs back to life by performing a few number of his evergreen songs.

Now back to the performances, I was quite intrigued with the performance by Selamba Blur when the genre was being changed to Ngajat. I can’t express how excited I was since oh well, I am a bit of typical Sarawakian myself.

Only 5 group get to go to the final round of Juara Parodi and they are Abang Face, Selamba Blur, Juri, Kobis Pedas, and Righthanded. Don’t forget to tune in into Astro Warna (132) or Astro Mustika HD (134) for this week final concert (Friday, 10 p.m.) and see who will win the title of Juara Parodi and bringing home the prize of RM 300,000

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Semester 1, Year 2 recap

I am so glad that the final examination is finally over. The hectic and stress since a month ago is finally lift off from my shoulder. Degree life is no joke, especially when it comes to Computer Science (not that I am biased or anything but I am pretty sure every programme has their own difficulties as well). I had thoughts of giving up when the light at the end of the tunnel seems very dim. But thanks to my coursemate ofcourse, nothing is impossible.

A month before final exam is when the struggle is real. You have to juggle between assignment(S), test(S), quiz(ES), project(S) and also to add the cherry on top preparing yourself for presentation(S). Not that I have problem with presentation since I have been doing it literally ever since primary school (p.s: we won the Sarawak State Level Solar Car Race due to our charming and excellent presentation). But the point is, to juggle ourselves between all of this is tiring. I dont even have time to think about blogging (!). Also, I secretly believe that all of our lecturers decided to agree on the same due date for all of the subjects project.

This was being uploaded by my faculty dean.

Project(S) for Computer Science student is not easy, we have to do programming (as if this alone is not difficult enough), report writing, documentation, and even presentation. I mean programming alone is already hard, but the meticulousness needed in doing the report, documentation and also presentation is silly. I dont even think it's necessary since in the end, the assessment is based on the functionality of the system during the demonstration.

I am pretty sure that the students will benefit this one month semester break as much as I do. I need to fix my sleeping pattern and also my eyebags. Not forgetting to reset my goals and to plan more and more on efficient time management for me.

No joke, I was very depressive. 

Overall, I have to say that every semester it is getting tougher. There is no time for error. I have approximately 5 semester left till graduation. That is if I finished my programme on time. Fingers crossed for another hectic semester. My sleeping pattern has been officially fxcked lately. I need proper sleep. This is no fun at all. 

With love,