Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Is it normal for a person to feel depressed 24/7?
Is it okay to feel like you're not worth it
Is it fine to act like there's nothing bothering you when the truth is everything seems offside?
I am a kind of person that is reluctant to share my feelings. To be honest, I feel a little bit depressed for the past couple of days (technically a week now) and I can't seem to pull my shit together.

I have needs and I have wants. And it is hard for me to priorities myself because no one seems to get it. I dont want to burden other people with my mess, I need to clean up my slate alone. In order to do that, I need to find out what the fuck is wrong with me. I need a self reflection of myself. But I'm too tired of all this bullshit(S). Can I be happy, like really happy for once?

First of all I am so sorry for not updating as I promised but assignments are up and test are coming soon. Basically I am super busy with university and also my social life as well. I am not good at managing things and time. I really really really need to work on that. I am way past behind my due date and it is killing me but Korean drama is far more interesting than doing my assignment. So I'm fucked.

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Free-Falling by The Writing Nomad

I am very vulnerable. In times like this, I need something to express how I feel. 

I was scrolling my Instagram and suddenly an update from a friend of mine, Izzat Tham was on. It was one of his poem again, so I read it. The more I recite the poem (in my heart), the more relate-able it was to my current situation. Immediately, I asked for a softcopy. 

I have a few update going on in my mind and I'm going to post it somewhere around this week but as for now, I'm enjoying this piece by The Writing Nomad. 

The Writing Nomad by Izzat Tham also accept request for poetry writing and also freelance writing. Check out his Instagram for more of his work.  

p.s: Poem can be a new gift idea. There is something about poem that is sexy. 

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

I haven’t been blogging much lately and I feel really bad about it. Things have been pretty busy for the past 2 weeks. The semester just started and assignments, tutorials and projects are catching up. I have to really struggle this semester just to fix my pointer. I’ve been promising myself to fix my pointer but tbh who am I kidding? The struggle is real.

A lot of things happened and I am so glad that I finally had time to upload my vlog on my Youtube, edit my blog design a bit and typing this blog post. I have no idea what to blog about so maybe I’ll just start to sum up my week.

So last week was a bit of a hectic week. Tutorials started and also assignment submission (not forgetting the release of assignment questions). Celebrated two of my friend’s birthday. Finally went to The Spring and had some mocha at Madeline which was so pretty. The interior and decoration was literally amazing. It is nice to have some place where you can chill and have some high tea with your friends around. Will be heading back to Madeline pretty soon.

For this week, I am starting to do a “healthy lifestyle”. Mark the sarcasm in the previous sentence. I am starting to do detox all over again and perhaps to get back to exercising after almost a year not doing so. I am starting a new mission to lose weight before my birthday. So wish me luck with that.

I am in a dilemma to buy a camera or not. I have the prefect one in my mind but I am still hesitating to buy it. I mean does it really worth it? Anyhow, my Iphone is broken. The speaker broke so I can’t answer call since I could not even hear what you guys are going to talk about so it is better for me to ignore calls.