Monday, 1 December 2014

The Magic of ASEAN

Last night was the best day of my life I guess. Being able to attend a concert where Dato Siti Nurhaliza performs is just simply a dream come true. I've been worshiping and amazed by Dato Siti's voice since forever. I can't remember since when I did actually hear and watch her sing on the telly but I can sure tell you that I memorized atleast 60% of her songs. 

What is The Magic of ASEAN is all about?
Well it's a concert in celebrating the union of 10 countries in Southeast Asian region. This concert was used as a medium to promote the culture of each members of the ASEAN and also to enrich the knowledge of young adults specifically about ASEAN. 

UNIMAS was the lucky one to be chosen as the organizer for this year's concert and we as UNIMAS-ians are very proud of this. 

It was an orchestra type of concert and yes, it is an eargasm for me. I must say that my taste in music is very wide and strange. I listen to metal but yet, I do enjoy the melody of calming music's instrument. Especially traditional ones. Dato Siti Nurhaliza performances was a cherry on top for this concert. Worth every ringgit I spend on the ticket. I choose the 50 ringgit ticket just to take a closer look at Dato and she is definitely flawless and gorgeous! 

Well, I have projects to deal with so till then! Adios!