Saturday, 3 January 2015

and then 2015

Phew 2014 was definitely not my cup of tea. I am so freaking glad that 2014 is done and over with! Anyway, here comes 2015, and I'm gonna make sure that it will be the greatest year ever since I'm turning 20. But unfortunately, I have final examination to start the year with. Havent studied a thing so I'm pretty much screwed.

New year's resolution: None. Let's just go with the flow shall we?

To sum up 2014:

I've graduated from Asasi and enrolling for bachelor degree. Got into computer science course and now currently typing with my glasses on so I am officially a geek. It's been 2 years since I lost my glasses so I've decided to get a new one. Anyway my social circle is getting smaller and I had lost a lot of friends. People are being bitchy to me, or was it me? I just dont feel like talking to anyone since everyone is pretty much very arrogant nowadays and it literally is a pain in my ass so you are cut off from my life. Atleast we got to know who were the real ones. Friends come and go, so it's pointless to get sad over a bunch of wannabes.

Indeed stereotypes are basically around every each of us, and trust me, my judgement of people is quite accurate. Well, judging people is perhaps my power if I were to be a superhero. I'll be like a Judge-y bitch or something. It is hard to trust people so it's better to have the one you are close with to be with you all the time.

I'm always alone this day because I REALLY DO NOT WANT TO BE A BURDEN TO PEOPLE. I walk alone, eat alone and even go out alone sometime. It's much better than having people to follow or to be followed. But somehow people told me that I'm being an arrogant bitch or something.


It is hard indeed to live around people that constantly glaring at you to wait you fall real deep and make joke of it. That's why I prefer the company of none.

Deactivated my twitter and deleted my instagram account on the first of January but I've decided to sign up for a new instagram account today. My bipolar issue is getting serious. I need help with it.

Oh shit, I have about 5 chapters to read before Monday, Computer Architecture is giving me headache with all of this facts and names and components.

Wish me luck for Final!