Thursday, 4 June 2015

Beauty Review; Bloop Foot Mask

It's not to late to wish you guys;
 Selamat Ari Gawai, Gayu Guru Gerai Nyamai, Lantang Senang Nguan Menua! 
I've been wanting to try this since forever and finally I did it! When it comes to foot hygiene, I guess I am the dirtiest of them all. I have a very dry foot and cracked heels so those two combination really upset me whenever I look down at my foot. I've read about Bloop Foot Mask online and been dying to try it and when I pass by Sasa last week, I saw it and immediately grabbed one for myself. Plus, there was a RM10 off so it was worth the buy :)

I'm not used to doing this type of beauty review so I'm just post a few pictures for you guys over here. 

Before and trust me it is very dry my crack heels seems to be invisible after I put on some sort of Scholl ointment it but nevertheless the dry foot has been bothering me a lot. 

The mask is so cute I could not resist to take photo of me wearing it. You have to put on the mask for an hour and few days later you will see the effect.

Basically the most ugliest state my foot could ever be and I am glad that it is almost over. I could feel that my foot is getting smoother and it feels like a baby feet. If you guys want some baby skin foot, dont hesitate to try this mask. It may seem painful but trust me, it worth it and painless. Just a little bit displeasing to the eye. Two thumbs up for this product! 

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